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All the Teensiest portfolios are sorted and packaged up and ready to go out in next week's mail. Keep an eye out for a gallery of all the submitted prints at soon.


Our second Littlest Print side project is now open for submissions. The Teensy Tiniest Print Exchange. The challenge of this exchange is to create a composition that works successfully at a ridiculously small scale; only one inch square. This is an unjuried exchange, open to anyone who wishes to participate. Any medium will be accepted including hand pulled processes along with digital work and photography.

To participate, just make an edition of 25 tiny prints and send them to the Littlest Headquarters. In return, you will receive 24 prints selected randomly from all the submissions. At the close of the exchange, a gallery of all the prints will be exhibited at

Paper Size: 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm)
Edition: 25 (24 returned)
Due Date: December 14th, 2012
Cost: $8 ($10 international)

Download Prospectus or visit for more information.


Here's an imposing ziggurat of print exchange packages getting ready to go to the post office this week.


Just about a week until the 2012 LPE deadline. In the meantime, get a taste of some print exchangery by sending a print or two to Jai Tanju's Film Por Vida Print Exchange Program.


Our photography exchange, Fixed Focus, is now completed. The portfolios have been sent out and all the contributed photos can be seen in their online gallery.

Fixed Focus

The annual collaborative printmaking project (the Littlest Print Exchange) is in its fourth year now. A few months ago, it was decided that the project should branch out to include photographic prints more prominently. To that end, an LPE side project called Fixed Focus, an open exchange of photography, was proposed. It is a pretty simple project. Each participating artist sends in an edition of 16 identical photos and, in return, receives a random portfolio consisting of photos by the other participants.

So if you want to participate, just make sixteen 4"x5" horizontal photos and send them to Chris by January 30th. Make sure to include your name and address, along with a website address so you can receive proper credit. The prints will be sorted out and sent back out to you in a nice package by the end of February. All of the sorted details are available at the official Fixed Focus Website. While you're there, take a moment to check out the galleries of Littlest Print Exchange portfolios.


Starting next week, the Littlest Print Exchange 2011 will be hanging on the walls of the world famous Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York. Stop in some time between January 7th and February 29th for a great meal and take a look at our tiny prints. Thanks again to Rebecca Godin for putting this show together.


LPE participant, Rebecca Godin was nice enough to piggyback a showing of the 2010 portfolio onto an exhibition she curated, Elemental: Fire, Water, Air & Earth, at the Community School of Music and Arts. If you happen to be in the Ithaca area you should stop in and check out both shows.